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Interpretive & Exhibits

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre: Visitor Center Exhibits 

Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave: "Did Buffalo Bill Visit Your Town" Exhibit

First Creek Park "Stick Forest:" Nature play panels for parents, and flora and fauna facts for kids (with Valerian and Sally White)

      Photo by Scott Dressel-Martin

Stick forest.jpg

Denver Mountain Parks - Summit Lake Park/Echo Lake Series: Interpretive signs (with Sally White)

Denver Mountain Parks- Life Zones Series: Plant and Wildlife Guide for Mountain Parks users

(with Denver Botanic Gardens and Guthrie Alexander mapping)

Sign #20 Flora and Fauna-SUBALPINE ALPIN
Sign #21 Flora and Fauna-MONTANE- Lo-RES
Sign #22 Flora and Fauna-GRASSLAND FOOTH

Denver Mountain Parks- Buffalo Overlook/Genesee Park Series: Interpretive bison history and fun fact signs

3-31-19 Sign #2-Genesee Transportation.p

Denver Mountain Parks:Genesee Park Hiking Trails and Historic Features Overview (with Guthrie Alexander mapping)

Sign #3 3-31-19-Genesee Overview-LO-RES.

Boulder County Parks & Open Space: Interpretive trail signs   Illustrations by Liz Biesiot

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge / Commerce City, Colorado: Interpretive trail signs

Marabou Ranch/Steamboat, Co: Interpretive trail signs

Fremont County War Memorial: Interpretive panels

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